About Us

We know what you're thinking - "there's no way that's real." We hate to break it to you but we are, in fact, 100% legitimate.

Since the year 2000, we have been providing our customers with one of the most unique products on the market: legally binding property ownership of the moon. ‘So how does this work?’ we hear you asking...

Well, back the eighties, a man found a loophole in NASA’s documents regarding ownership of the moon (you’d think they’d have made that a priority immediately, don’t ask us how they forgot!) and he essentially laid claim to it! Somehow, this worked.

So, back in 2000 we decided to buy some extra-terrestrial land off this guy and start selling it in the UK! That man's business has since changed ownership and the new owner has been making some BOLD claims about our legitimacy - but let's be real, it's quite easy to convince someone that being able to own the moon is a scam, even if it's not!

Putting all that aside (and assuming that we've successfully conveyed our legitimacy!), our unique product is perfect as a gift for birthdays, weddings, christenings. Given the current state of world affairs, is now not the best time to get a foothold in the extra-terrestrial property market?!